How to Make a Correct Business Letter Template

One of the key points you have to understand in business is “papers”. Why is it so? Well, business is not always about courage in opening a business and creativity only. If you want to grow big then you have to prepare the papers. What I mean by papers are the things you need to grow your business in a written form like agreement, SOP (Standard Operational Procedure) and business letter and so forth.

However, most newcomers tend to underestimate the role of papers and just relying on their creativity in managing the business. To make a business letter template easier to be understood, I will divide it into two parts. The first one is professional letter template which will give you a clear understanding of how to make a good letter in a professional way. And the second way is professional business letter template which will give you more understanding of how to make a professional letter for business purpose.

To make a good business letter, you need to know several things. This is because the business letter has special formats. It means that writing a business letter with your own creativity is enough, you have to know the rules also. Many newcomers don’t know about this and send a business letter in a wrong format.

That is why you need a correct template as a guideline to ensure your work is done perfectly. The business letter template will be included with everything that is needed for business and you just need to select what you need. There will  be tutorials also you can find on the internet to choose a the most suitable format for you.

Professional Letter Template

  1. Write in a formal tone

Many people (usually newcomers) send an email without a good manner. This often happens to me as well. I often check my email and find some emails from several youth communities and businesses with their own style of writing. This often makes me disrespect to them because they seem careless about the rule of business. Remember, when you enter the business world it means you enter the business world. There is no half way to it, even you are great and full of potential you also must follow the rules.

This usually happens to several people who think that they have a close relationship with the recipients and feeling free to put anything in the letter like mentioning the recipients with his or her nickname. Well, some recipients may feel comfortable with it, but if you don’t’ want to take any risk will be better if you write it in a formal tone.

  1. No more complex template

You may think that the way you polish your letter is nice. Maybe with several pictures and unique paragraph style. However, you have to know that you the recipients may don’t have the same template with yours. For example, you use Microsoft word 2010 and the recipients just have Microsoft word 2007. Some features may don’t work well in the recipients display and it will make your letter looks not professional.

  1. Avoid to capitalize all characters

Newcomers often try to attract the recipient’s attention by using “caps lock” in their email subject. Well, yes it can attract more attention, but the impact will not good for you. That kind of email tends to be looked unprofessional. If you want to attract more attention, you have to play with your words and the importance of your email.

If you have done with it, then you can start to make your own professional business letter template which will make your business letter read better and more professional. There are 2 basic things you have to understand in making a good one.

Professional Business Letter Template

  1. Don’t beg anything !

This is a warning for those people who still mention their weakness and their needs toward the business. I ever received an email for a business purpose that the sender really needed that deal because of he had the financial problem. And if I accept the deal, it will help him to make his financial condition better.

  1. Explain the key points only

Avoid to tell every detail in your letter. Tell only the key points you have but also, can portray the whole points of your letter. In some cases, it will be too complicated if you mention all points you have and it will make misunderstanding in certain details. So, it will be better if you explain the details in a face to face way. It will be clearer and you can also persuade them directly anyway. So, you can use the letter as a tool to make an appointment with them as well.

Those are the very basic things you need to know. There are some more things you will learn by keep learning and reading more references about the professional business letter. Don’t forget to save your letter as a template for your future needs, it may help.